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Eskalay Vitamin C Cream

This light formula is rapidly absorbed into your skin. It increases the level of Vitamin C stored in your skin. Stress and prolonged sun exposure depletes the Vitamin C levels in your skin, causing photo damage and premature againg of your skin. Human skin cells repair and heal faster in a Vitamin C rich environment. There is evidence which suggests topical Vitamin C is benificial in the healing and repairing process associated with glycolic acid, Retin-A and Renova skin treatments. It is highly recommended as an adjunct therapy.

* Diminishes the visible signs of fine lines and surface wrinkles.

* Intervenes against future sun damage and regular use may prevent aging of your skin.

* Assists in the healing process of bruises.

Vitamin C Cream also contains vitamin E and liposomes to help penetrate into your skin. This cream helps your skin regain its elasticity and strarts collagen reproduction in your system. PLEASE KEEP REFRIGERATED.

Item Code: 1000
Price: $65.00
Availablity: In Stock! Usually Ships Within 48 Hours.

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